Posted on Aug 12, 2019

Skin Renewal (Umhlanga)

If you’ve ever had an intensive facial treatment, you’ve probably experienced the slight burning and even the tingles.

There are times when you may feel some discomfort during a treatment which are unavoidable. Treatments such as a light peel will cause some stinging sensations, others cause heat or little flashes of current which can startle you. These are all pretty normal with laser, microneedling and your deeper working treatments.

If ever you are unsure what can you do?
- Ask your aesthetician what you should be experiencing during your treatment?
- If you feel any discomfort, make your aesthetician aware so she can adjust the treatment to suit your needs.
- If you find that your skin needs some additional comfort, try products that work in combination with your treatment. Cosmeceuticals can offer instant relief and support a radiant glow


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