Posted on Aug 19, 2019

Skin Renewal (Umhlanga)

All injections come with risks associated and that is just simply risks such as: swelling, bruising, and sometimes even bleeding. But that is not even mentioning the risk involved when it comes to the actual product being injected or the expertise and experience of the professional administering the injections.

When it comes to the delicate area of the face you need to understand the safety principles of injecting, and a have a healthy fear of the inexperienced and unknown products. In terms of what's dangerous, there are many black market products around that have are either expired or diluted. This leaves you open to reactions, uneven applications and results that are not long lasting. Ask to see the packaging, the manufacturer's batch number and expiry date when in doubt.

Because of the intricate facial structure and blood supply it is important to understand where to put a whole bunch of filler into. This isn't a procedure you want to shop around for bargain basement prices. Speak to your doctor (and yes, it should be a doctor) about their experience with non-surgical lifts, and injectables—and be sure they outline all the potential risks and rewards of restoring volume.

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