Posted on Aug 16, 2019

Skin Renewal (Umhlanga)

In short yes. Our skin is not exempted from emotions which affect many processes and chemicals within our bodies. In fact, the way our brain thinks, impact the way our body copes with everything.

How do emotions and the way your brain is functioning affect your skin?
1. Happiness does in fact give you a glow
Positive emotions like happiness and joy release endorphins, increases blood flow and neurotransmitters that reduce inflammation in the skin. This you see as a “glow” in your skin.
2. Stress ages you
High stress levels trigger the release of inflammatory mediators. These are enzymes responsible for collagen and elastin breakdown leading to increased wrinkling, laxity and ageing.
Learn to process and cope better with stress through #BrainTraining. Neurofeedback training can teach your brain to approach problem solving and stressful situations in a less harmful manner. Ask us about it

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